Inge Jones

Ingeborg Jones (nee Muller)
b. 20.1.1927 in Bremen, Germany (?)
d. 30.11.1979 at the Kinellar Nursing Home, Bournemouth, Dorset
Mother to Nikola Sarah (1963),
Sister to Hilde (1919), Aunt to Claus, Peter and Brigitte.
Sister to Annegret (1921), Aunt to Brigitte and Ursula.

My mother came over from Germany after the war and was working as a window dresser in the late 1950's when she met my father at Fortes in Bournemouth.
After I went to secondary school she resumed working part time, continuing her work for Fortes, notably recreating an Italian square with boutique shops overlooking an 'Open Air Ristorante' for the ‘Piazza’ restaurant In Westover Rd (I recall spending many hours playing ‘up in the gods’ of the faux shops as Mummy worked on her designs) and creating many wonderful Christmas window displays for the locally owned Beales and Bealesons Department stores.
A lifetime smoker she sadly, but perhaps predictably, contracted lung cancer which was diagnosed in the late stages in 1979....within 6 weeks she was dead.
Our family was torn apart.

My mother has been gone now for more than 33 years.... but I still miss her so much.

Niki Jones  5.1.13.