Burma Star

Burma Star

The History of the Burma Star Association

The Burma Star Association was officially founded on the 26 February 1951 with 2000 founder members. The rules of the Association were drawn up by Lord Louis Mountbatten and Field Marshal Lord Slim. The broad aims of the Association are to promote the comradeship experienced in the bitter fighting in the jungles of Burma, and also to set up a welfare organisation so that members and widows in need can be given poverty assistance in times of ill-health or other debilitating circumstances.

Reg Smith

L/Cpl (later L/Sgt) Reginald George Smith
Lincolnshire Regt; York & Lancs Regt;
1915 – 1995

Reg grew up in Walthamstow, one of six brothers. He never knew his father, who was killed in France, three months before the end of WW1.

By the time he was called up, Reg was married to Mabel, whom he loved dearly. He joined the Army, initially the Lincolnshire Regt, guarding the North Norfolk coast.

Battle of Kohima


Early in April 1944 the Japanese confrontation was at Kohima, a village high up in the Hills in Naga country, East Assam. The railhead at Dimapur connected with Imphal. The Japanese had to be stopped. The invasion of India was their obvious target. The Forces engaged in this task were putting up a magnificent fight to hold the enemy at bay.