When we talk about memorials, there is generally a perception that we mean stones on graves. This isn't necessarily the case, and a QR code can be placed on or with a number of different types of memorialisation. For example;

  • Memorials on graves
  • Benches
  • Trees and shrubs
  • Plaques
  • Buildings
  • Memorial Gardens remembering a number of people

The beauty of the way the code is made, is that it can be easily affixed, and even when there is no provision for a name of someone who has died, the code allows that, and a great deal more to be told through the relevant page on the website.


QR Memories is very pleased to work with any chosen stonemason in order to achieve complete satisfaction with the installation of a QR Code. We also have an excellent stonemasonry department which is able to provide bespoke memorials covering a wide range of materials, colours, styles and sizes. Our memorials automatically have a QR code placed into them with all fixing costs included in the value of the order.

Please contact QR Memories on 01202 612110 to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to assist.