Patsy Graham

Patsy seen here at her 40th wedding anniversary. She died on 27th November 2010.

As one of her friends said:

"A flame has gone out, but what a lot of bonfires she left behind."

A seat in memory of Patsy has been installed opposite 131 Queens Road, Richmond, TW10 6HF.  John lived here since he was 3 and in 1971 he and Patsy bought the house from his parents and their children Katharine, Matthew and Rachel (who was born in the house!) lived there until 1984.

Here are their tributes given at her funeral:

Patsy's favourite hymn was "O love that wilt not let me go"  - watch the YouTube clip

She was devastated that she would not be able to continue pouring into her "treasures" - her 10 grandchildren.