A new way to remember a loved one is launched

A Poole family are the first to choose a new way to remember their loved one by using technology and the internet. Dorset based QR Memories have launched a new service, providing QR Codes for memorials that are then linked to their new website. Users can scan the codes they find on memorials using a smart phone or other smart device, and are then taken directly to the page with information and pictures relating to the person who has died. The Tuttiett family from Oakdale couldn’t wait to be among the first to use this new service having suffered the tragic loss of husband and father Tim late last year.

Tim’s wife, Gill explains; T“Tim was a wonderful man, and had a huge character which impacted on a lot of people. When we chose to have his ashes buried and a memorial placed onto the grave, we were given the opportunity to have a QR code fitted. This has given us a chance to bring what Tim meant to us to many other people by way of the website, and helps us keep his memory alive.”

The QR code can be made in granite of metal, and is both hard wearing and at only 1.5” square, unobtrusive. Among other uses, it can be placed into stone memorials, or in front of trees and shrubs.

For Managing Director, Stephen Nimmo, an opportunity to bring memorialisation into the technological age was one not to be missed. “The use of the internet to remember loved ones is already commonplace. Very often social media is used to allow friends and family to place messages about the person who has died onto the internet. However, this is generally only available to those who knew the person. Cemeteries and churchyards still hold a great deal of interest for the public at large, and to be able to scan a code and read about the people buried there immediately will really bring memorials to life. Suddenly a simple plot of ground with a stone on it reveals so much more. And for the families, we have an opportunity, with words, pictures and video, to keep their loved ones memory alive.”

For the Tuttietts, it wasn’t just about recording information about Tim that mattered. Gill continued; “Tim would have loved the idea of being at the forefront of a new concept. He would have really enjoyed being a trailblazer, and we are grateful to QR Memories for the opportunity to help launch this new way to remember.”

For further information about QR Memories, go to www.qr-memories.com or call 01202 612110